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Found 4 results

  1. In a test scene I have a sphere node inside a geo node inside a subnet node I want to promote the sphere node parameters to the subnet node with this code I'm getting an error: The attempted operation failed. Invalid indices/name/parm template import hou #get pTGroup on node node = hou.node('obj/subnet1') ptg = node.parmTemplateGroup() #create new folder in group sphereFolder = houFolderParmTemplate('sphr', 'sphere', folder_type=hou.folderType.Simple) ptg.addParmTemplate(sphereFolder) node.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg) #find inner sphere node sph = hou.node('obj/subnet1/sphere_object1/sphere1') #get pTGroup on sphere node sphG = sph.parmTemplateGroup() #promote the parameters of sphere node to upper node (subnet1) sphere_folder = ptg.findFolder("sphere") for i in sphG.entriesWithoutFolders(): ptg.appendToFolder(sphere_folder, i) node.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg) what am I doing wrong?
  2. I'm working in Windows. We've gotten HQueue running on 5 different machines. I've built a few OTLs that are stored on the server and accessible by the farm machines, but the farm doesn't seem to be seeing them. What's the proper workflow for this issue? I'm currently trying to figure out how to append there directory to the HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH variable, but I can't find it listed anywhere. When adding the OTLs I'm "Adding to scanned OTL Directories", but on restart they are moved to a "Fallback Library" which sounds questionable... lol
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to using digital assets and would like to create one with an embedded image file to use in the shader but have not been able to figure out how to do so. I have seen people mention using opdef, and the documentation suggested it, but I am not clear on exactly how the syntax works. If someone could please give me a pointer to somewhere with a detailed description of how to reference embedded textures, that would be great. Particularly, when the documentation discusses the section, what does that mean? In case it matters I am trying to embed a .png file. Thanks
  4. I am sorry to bring back this zombie question about this topic again I probably read all the posts on internet about the topic and the houdini doc as well, but I am now more confused than before Question A) What I'd like to do is to configure my houdini system path variables in order to follow this priority for OTL scan and scripts too (like 123 ... 456 ... etc): 1) a shot example: d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/shot3/otls d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/shot3/scripts ... 2) a sequence example: d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/otls d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/scripts ... 3) a show example: d:/projects/supercoolproj/otls d:/projects/supercoolproj/scripts ... 4) houdini $HOME/houdini12.5/otls $HOME/houdini12.5/scripts $HOME/houdini12.5/.. ... Basically the deeper the directory structure, the higher the override priority with elements with the same file name. Now, so far only the 4) works. My current status is the following: ... I copied and pasted the directories created by houdini at install time in d:/data/Houdini/prefs/houdini12.1 d:/data/Houdini/prefs/houdini12.5 ... and created a system variable HOME pointing to d:/data/Houdini/prefs So far, Houdini can find all the otls i store in $HOME/houdiniXX.X/otls Can someone help me to setup $HOME/houdini12.5/houdini.env to follow the priorities illustrated at the beginning of the message or point me to some documentation that clearly explains it ? p.s. I am on Windows 8 thank you in advance for any possible help on this
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