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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, How do I hook up the glue constraints with RBD Material Fracture? I can't seem to find much on this. I have set my passive objects and they are passive as expected, and then as a workaround Ive used the Glue Adjacent pieces tool, but that doesn't seem to be working as well. Im sure it's basic stuff however finding it hard to get these glue constraints working with either the Material Fracture or regular Glue Adjacent pieces. test.hiplc
  2. Hello I need to deactivate a passive collider at some point in my sim, and I can't figure out a simple way to deactivate it. I've tried groups, affectors, 'active value'. It's probably a simple fix, but the only 'hack' that I've found is to use a merge under my static object (merge with a null) and keyframe its activation between 1 and 0 Thanks in advance Bernie
  3. Hello gurus, I am making a car crash in which i`m facing a big problem. I need to break the windshields of the car which i also animated. Now i have to break the windshields, but the problem what i`m facing that the glasses are breaking in a weird way. I don`t find any problem in that but i am unable to fix where i`m doing mistake. Kindly help me wood.rar
  4. Hi, I've got three bullet questions that have been bugging me for a while. With houdini 12.5 and bullet, what is a good workflow to achieve the following? (I know the following questions are doable one way or another using proprietary tools at companies I've worked for but I was wondering what would be the most effective way to approach the following using H12.5 vanilla) 1) a choerographed demolition where the initial pre-shattered geo is animated in sop (think a building tilting on one side before crumbling). 2) one animated passive bullet object hitting preshattered bullet objects (think a wrecking ball hitting a concrete wall). The passive animated object would have to be animated in sops. 3) preshattered and reclustered objects being glued cleverly so that we have a strong primary glue (for clusters) and a weak glue for each piece. Think a wall that falls down, bricks are held together but their corners are easily chipped off. Thanks for your help! MisterP p.s. 100 points when you attach a simple example hip file