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Found 5 results

  1. polysplit bad result

    I want to split mesh(main.obj) with polypath(cut.obj) . bad result happened. Dose anyone know why this happened? Please find attached file. Thank you. cut.obj main.obj Q2.hipnc
  2. split mesh by polylines

    I tried to split mesh by cutting polylines. but some group could not be split . this is mesh. this is cutting polylines. using polysplit each polylines. and get edge group. and try to separate points by edge group. but some group could not be splitl. Which point i made mistake? Q.hipnc cloth cutline
  3. Hi; I tried to to split a geometry using a curve, but it's not working… Here I attached my scene. Thanks for helping. Polysplit.hip
  4. I want to randomly split each face of a box and then extrude for a more interesting look. I did it in a for-each loop and everything goes well. Then I tried to shatter this geo for RBD but fracture didn't work. Any advice on this? Thanks. random split.hipnc
  5. Split Locations Parameter ?

    I know you can manually use the PolySplit tool to add edge loops into geometry. How do you do this numerically within the Split Locations parameter of the PolySplit node; is a method to which one can use to aid in doing this numerically ?