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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Is there a way to slow down DOP particle simulation without changing liquid behavior too drastically? I made a liquid simulation with popfluid it looks exactly like I need but I need to slow it down to make it look like it was shot on Phantom camera (think of one of those fancy table tops from Marmalade as a reference:). I use standard 24 FPS and Time Scale on DOP is 1 substeps = 1, time scales on popfluid and popsolver inside DOP are 1 as well substeps on popsolver 1, 2. So to slow everything down I tried to half Time Scale on DOP but liquid behavior changed completely, when I try to do the same with time scales on solvers inside same thing is happening. So the question is is it possible to preserve liquid motion after changing time scale? Maybe unlock solvers, dive inside and change something there? Thanks. PS. i know that retime is other option probably most obvious, but unfortunately it doesn't look the way I need especially with collisions.
  2. Hi, Can Anyone tell me what the differents is between the Time scale of Pyro, DOP timescale and post process timescale? There is a significant differences: Thnx
  3. Hi, Can Anyone tell me what the differents is between the Time scale of Pyro, DOP timescale and post process timescale? There is a significant differences: Thnx
  4. Hello ! I'm trying to understand the difference between Time scaling a Sim at DOP level vs Solver level. Basically i understood that DOP timescale will act on everything inside it (substepping every solver accordingly) whereas Solver scale time will only influence 'this' solver locally. This idea in mind, i tried to get similar result on a basic Flip Sim with both method (setting 0.5 for dop timeScale or for flip solver Scale Time). After lot's of test (messing with substepping, CFL etc), i was not able to get similar result and can't understand why :/ ! Here is the simplistic scene with only the timescale and scaletime modified. Can you get both sim to correspond exactly (get the same collision behaviour)? Or is there any reason both sim can't be identical? Thanks in advance! QFlip.hipnc
  5. Hey Folks, So i seem to be running into an issue of scaling time with bullet. When i use the scale time parameter on the dopnet it gives some weird results. At normal speed it works fine in terms of behaviour its just too fast for a slow mo shot. I could do it post sim using timeblend and time warping the bullet points but this wont give me accurate collisions with moving characters in the scene. I could attempt to retime the collision character and run the sim at normal speed then time warp it back to the normal speed i guess, but this would be much easier if Timescale worked. Any suggestions for making the timescale work live. Cheers Saqib
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