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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to houdini, and I am trying to do something I think should be simple, but I can't wrap my head around how to set it up correctly so that it works. I want to transfer a point attribute from points generated on a source mesh, back onto set mesh or ideally into a redshift shader (RS_material) to control the opacity. I am trying to use the super cool tutorial below, and use the points generated to drive the reveal of a mesh through the use of the opacity channel in the redshift shader. I can't seem to understand how to set this up so that the parts that need to see each other can, and do I need to convert the attribute into something that can go from 0 - 1 and / black to white? I'm just a bit lost and im sure I over complicate things, so if anyone would please just point me in the right direction at least, it would be much appreciated. Like what is the general basic order I should of this? mesh - generate points - I can see the attribute in my geo-sheet but now what? attribute transfer I can't seem to use correctly Thank youuu !!!
  2. Hi everyone, trying to figure out how to randomise the number of iterations of a pc open in a vop node, based on a per point random the goal is to make variation in the speed of the propagation. I join a simple file, if somebody can help me it would be really apreciated Thx by advance Cheers basic-propa.hip
  3. Hello, I'm trying to understand the process in Ben Watts tutorial So initially he made 2 scatters, one will be the points on the surface and the other points will be the start propagation ones. Then he does 2 attribute wrangle with this: f@accum =0; and in the other f@init = 1; I'm new to houdini and trying to get the basics in vex, already toke hellolux intro to vops and I was thinking on Vex in Houdini by Shawn Liposwki but that one seems for advanced users, so if anybody got a nice VEX for ultra noobs web or tut will be great! So, f@ means frame at? and accum / init are attributes he made?, 0 means no and 1 means yes? What I understand from solvers is they repeat actions right? he made an Attribute vop there and plug the first node in prev_frame and second node into input 2 (one for each scatter) In the att. vop he made a point open (saw this in a lot of tutorials but can't figure out yet the function), same for the pc filter, where he put the attributes he created earlier. Finally he does @Cd = set (1.0.0) where I understand he takes the color and set to red (1 for R) then @Cd.x = @accum; (why the .x?) I really enjoy houdini propagation effects and want to dig more into this, I also saw the thread of reaction diffuse and analized the files, its kinda advanced for me but everyday I learn new stuff and then when I go back I have a better overall idea Thanks
  4. Hi, playing a little with matts branching example http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex#Solver_and_wrangle_for_branching_structures I have a sphere with a custom attrib int @active = 0. I set one point as active and after that a solver with a wrangle for the grow effect. That works fine. But I want to create a setup where I use another obj to set the first points active instead to create them manually. I did that with attribute transfer. So as the solver only runs on "active" points I created another sphere with active points to transfer the attributes. But then the solver works no longer. Thats a little bit confusing to me because I thought for the solver sop has nothing changed. I attached a file for better understanding. I would be thankful for a hint here. kind regards Jon houdini_grow.hipnc