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ig CG Survey 2010: Initial Results


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Ok so this year's 'fan boy brigade' award goes to Houdini who appear to have even further improved on last year's results.

This is all due to my answers... :) ehehehe...

Truth be told, I was surprised with both the fall (of Maya) and rise (of 3ds Max).

I was a 3ds Max user for some years and the feeling was that we were getting behind and Max would cease... Maya was the "top".

Now to keep the fanboy tone:

"Houdini rocks"...

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That's pretty cool though, Houdini's up there with Modo and Blender... I also find it interesting that Maya and Softimage didn't do very well at all.

I think it might have something to do with the survey being done before Maya 2011 was announced. I believe Maya would come out a little better with the 2011 release which feels like a solid upgrade.

Coming from a 3dsmax background, then to Maya, then to Houdini, the same argument stands: "At the end of the day, it's still Maya. And it still has the level of abstraction wrong." Softimage seems to be enjoying a second life due to ICE, but there lies a danger in that. Once their users get comfortable with that level of control, those that want even more control will eventually either turn to programming or to houdini.

Concerning Houdini specific I thought the expected growth graph was surprising as well. The fanboy graph made me smile... 155:1 -that's a pretty strong message. Also when reading some of the other comments regarding other software that developers should occasionally read what's going on on the forums I appreciate even more the activity going on both on odforce as well as sidefx. Whether it is from Robert Maggee, Jeff Wagner or other specific developers, this attention to users is noticed and valued!

I have recently been keeping more of an eye on Blender as well, and to more they model it after Houdini the better imo - I think they have some people on board that probably know Houdini as well.

Price point-wise for houdini I had to think for a while whether I agreed with that comment of lowering the price for houdini. I work for a bigger company and don't deal with software budgets myself, so it does not affect me that much. But then even if I were to have my own company I think the flexibility I get out of Houdini and the support and the community is simply worth it.

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