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Discreet Ports Smoke to Linux


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Huh, yeah - I guess it was bound to happen. In fact, I'm surprised this didn't happen a year ago already. Poor SGI, we loved them so. After SESI port Houdini to the Palm Pilot, there'll be no turning back. Houdini on my Nokia. Houdini embedded in my toaster oven. But I hear the graphics drivers for my Puma's are not quite ready yet.

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The only thing is, I don't think just anyone is going to be able to go out and buy smoke for Linux. It's going to be sold through IBM with Intellistations, and the Irix version with a crappy little Octane SE was like 160,000 dollars, the Tezro version will probably be a bit more expensive, with the Intellistation version priced in excess of 100k. Probably won't an afordable solution to anyone but the larger fx and post houses. We'll be stuck with Cinelerra until Avid or Adobe or someone with more reasonably priced solutions starts porting.

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Well hopefully Avid will make a linux port for their DS and Xpress line. Xpress is more affordable for us individual users. I don't know if Adobe will port over Premiere, especially since they have not even bothered with Photoshop on Linux. Should be interesting times coming for linux users though.

Houdini on a Palm Pilot? That's just sick. I can see a bunch of guys sitting around saying something like "Hey man I just made this custom sop, here let me break out my palm pilot and I'll email you the otl. No better yet, let me do a quick render for ya" LOL


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Man I sure would not want to be working @ SGI right now. :-/ Is there an official website that is dedicated to SGI going out of business because I have been hearing these shenanigans for the past couple of years that sgi is going out business, but yet they still seem to release new products...




and ohhh, anything being ported to Linux is a good thing, but I would prefer on open source solution myself. GNU all the way!!!!!

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