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How can i get a fuzzy edge around attribtransfer(color) area

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hi~ guys

looks like i got a small problem on the edge area.. i want to put noise in colortranfer area by using attribtransfer node.

1. i have used attribtransfer node to transfer color from one object to another(red area)

2.apply attribcreate node to "record" the red area and import as parameter into SHOP network

3 and use multiply to restrict the noise area,

But, my problem is,, by doing this way, i always get a sharp edge,,,,so has anybody got idea how to make the edge soft????? post-4466-13007321159_thumb.jpg


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In this case, try using 1-$CG instead...

see attached.

A big issue is that transferring attributes is geometry resolution dependent. In order to get the noise detail in your transferred color, you will need a much higher res geometry.

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