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You guys should download the game demo for "Beyond Good & Evil" from Ubi Soft; wow!

The rendering is beautiful, character design is awesome, and animation, script, sense of humour are excellent. Check it out.. look at the cool reflections in the water and secondary dynamics. And its fun as hell!

I can't wait for the full release!

You can get it from Gamers Hell or Adrenaline Vault if you like..

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!


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looks nice - very nice water....not a fan of that pig- guy...fun to play though

Personally I thought the game was ultra sweet until I found out I had to play as the hippies. ;)

WOO HOO..... THE CHILDERN GOT EATTEN!......d'oh....i have to save the childern



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it would be nice if a game developer allowed two playing modes....

1) you're the hippie who has to save everybody

2) you're the cool bad guy who gets to just stomp on everything....

They did, its called Sim City ;)

"Welcome happy, heath, educated citizens! Its taken a long 100 years to build this massive metropolis. But alas I have grown tired of your constant requests and demands. So today I have a simple request for you.... I demand your lives!!! FEAR MY EARTHQUAKE AND TORNADOS OF DOOM! RUN INTO THE VOLCANO THAT IS SPILLING LAVA AT YOUR FEET! BWUAHAHAHHAH"



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