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Motionblur caused by rotation on instances

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Hi Martin,

Motion blur is thin ice for me.

Do you render velocity motion blur? If not it might be an explanation as I assume object motion blur is only taking translations into account.

If these instances are delayed load, this might be the explanation:


There;s not velocity motion blur for delayed load instances.

What's odd is the sample delayed load featured in the HDK seems to support velocity blur.

But this is already off topic.



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i have fast rotation on instances and they don't want to render motion blur. the orientation attribute is animated. is it not supported or is it me


Hey Martin,

Orient attribute in instancing is handled by soho, not Mantra, and it's represented as a standard object transformation inside IFD, thus Xform time samples and all standard motion blur setting apply here. I think there might be a problem if you mix velocity with orient==xform setup.

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Thanks guys, it works now, it seems that mblur needs rot[quaternion] and not orient[quaternion]

was not aware about the difference

Hmm, I have a dop import sop set to "create points to represent Objects" and this brings the orientation as "orient" and not "rot" as you said. How do I convert orient to rot? I tried to just pipe the float4 one to one in a vop sop but seems it doesn't translate correctly. Any hip would be much appreciated.

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