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Screwed topology


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i've seen such things after mirror/fuse where you end up with zero-area polys. you can turn on primitive numbers on your subd cage and see if there is a number along there. delete that bastard if it occurs by typing the prim number into a blast. facet sop with "Remove Degenerate Polygons" might work too.

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Fuse did the trick!

Big thanks for your help guys!!!

This problem occured after I tried editing point coordinates in the damn buggy Geometry Spreadsheet. That is,

if you do so and then go back to Geometry view, select some other point and move it, than the point whos coordinates

you just edited in the spreadsheet will jump in to the blue!

I submitted this bug on SideFX forum a while ago(in fact, before the last,

6.1.200 release) and it has been noted by them but it uppears this bug is still there.

I'll go remind them right now once again.

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