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quick question about vops

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hi, how do you grab context parameters to work area? ive seen in some casses vops networks with parameters like density, velocity, and such, pre-existent parameters looks like people just call them in vop context to manipulate values, but how they drag them to work area?? iam not talking about global variables, but parameter node representing context variables like density, velocity, ect...

how they drag those context parameters to the work area as parameter node?

this file inside the gas-field-vop has it.

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The voxel values of existing volumes, at the location currently being evaluated, are automatically bound to same-named parameters.

("Autobind by Name" in Data Bindings tab)

If you middle-click on you VOP node, you can see there exist three volumes, density, collision and vel. Thus parameters with those names will automatically be set to the value of those volumes, at the location being evaluated.

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