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Is there a way to generate a 2d convex hull from points?

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Thanks guys. I tried Tetrahedralize SOP, but it gave me result that didn't seem like it formed a surface when I viewed it. Basically the points (no prims) are already flat :) Maybe this is an issue?

I just tried Triangulate SOP and while it looks correct, I still don't want to have all the internal points, but just the closed outline polygon/curve. Can I achieve that?

As a sample object, try it on a teapot and flatten it. My points are already flat, but you can do this just to see similar results as me.

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Thanks Kim, that's great, really does the trick :)

EDIT: Btw the help file mentions this for the Tetrahedralize SOP:

"Also, it can only return a convex hull for sets of points with valid tetrahedralization. So no primitives will be returned for things such as points on a 2D plane. However, you can special case these cases and for example use Triangulate2D followed by Divide and turn on Remove Shared Edges."

Wish I could use that one because it seems faster than Triangulate2D which takes 1.6s for 20000 points :mellow:

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