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pflow to POPs ?


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I've been using pflow in max6 for a job recently and

its a nightmare to use (stability & performance problems),

so I'm wondering if anyone whom has used pflow can

direct me to equivalent setups/tutorials for POPs.

Namely replicating the following:

find target, will collide test, conditional event branching,

material switching, animated-instanced-geometry offsetting

and object fragmenting.



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my guess is that plow just uses a

linear particle travel-direction vector

for an intersect ray test. the problem is

that the vector changes from fame to

frame if the particle trajectory is curved.

It could probably be scripted to guess

a trajectory crve based on a sample of

previous frames though.


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There is the little known 'dist' attribute that the collision pop will give you.

Its meant to return the distance to collision, but its only accurate if your particles are moving in a very consistent way (like, I dunno.. a straight line perhaps? :)). It may help a little though...



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