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"Balloon" RBD SpringCsn limit restlength between value ?


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I know that there is a lot of post on this topic, but i'm trying to implement my own solution.I'm trying to do the balloon attach to a wire, I'm not so far from a result, but I'm stuck with some beginner problem :).

Is it possible to set a restlength for the RBD spring constraint between 2 value a min and a max? like (0, crvlength). Cause at the moment it seem to be a fix value.

Maybe there is another way to do this kind of constraint?

I attached a scn I someone want take a look.



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I've been able to resolve my problem by using this expression in the restlength of the RBD spring CSN:

min($ST+length(ch("./objectposx") - ch("./goalposx"), ch("./objectposy") - ch("./goalposy"), ch("./objectposz") - ch("./goalposz")), arclen("/obj/wire/compute_velocity",0,0,1))[/CODE]

I aslo go in the RBDcsn and change the Rest Length to Set always in the springconrel1.

Look like it do the trick.

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