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Houdini 101


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yeah i did most of module one and then gave up on it.

some of it was really good, but other things i simply found to be silly. and the scoring system i think sucks. it just doen't really suite me personally and i'd rather choose what i want to learn rather than having to complete certain modules before going onto the next, to me it's like being in school. if that doesn't bother you, then go for it.

i honestly think, do what you want to do and if you get stuck...well easy, just visit odforce, sidefx forums or the list. i've never seen a question not answered. this way you learn and do what you want. module 2 looks cool with all the simulation stuff, but so what. you could easily suggest a simulation idea as a challenge or simply ask people about little bits that you get stuck in. i personally find this method better.

also the place is nowhere near as lively as it initially was.

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Ahh, thanks for the info guys. I saw the list of the module 2 vids and it looked impressive, not just introductory stuff. I was just wondering wether it was worth it having to go through module 1 to access them. I checked out the store and it doesn't seem to have what I was looking for, I've already seen the VTMs that are on those DVDs.

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I've seen some posts on cgtalk recently that Jason Busby was having a hard time keeping (making) the site self-financing, and so he had to tighten up the grading system and focus on the big popular apps and such. I've seen some of the 101 courses and they're pretty cool; they're pretty excitable people and it rubs off in their videos. :)

I hope they keep going! We need 'em.

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All the more reason to buy the videos. The media and the shipping costs money but if you buy the DVD I'm sure there's a couple dollars left in it for the site, or you could do a 3 month member sponsorship. I'm pretty sure those videos are available for DL to member sponsors without having to go through the class.

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I hope you bought the best of dvd I and II package it was the best deal and you get some other stuff as well. They are good tuts and should help you out . They have all of what is offered on the course mods 1 and 2 and then some.


Lyn Caudle

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bye the bye check out our Area51 game trailer that we just finished. Its on our main page... Well right now it IS our main page....

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