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Anyone use the Deadline farm manager?


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I'm trying to launch my Mantra renders from within the Houdini GUI. But, I've had no luck. I followed ThinkBox's instructions (and their script is named incorrectly) to install the menu button. And it doesn't work, no error, just nothing.


Any ideas?

I think I'll probably just have to code up something myself. Sigh.

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their support team is great. Edwin has helped me out a number of times. Even if your just using demo license. I'd shoot them an email first. You can also obtain the deadline 6 trial through sales. 6 is much better than 5 imho of course. Especially if your farm also renders maya scenes. The maya batch plugin in 6 is solid.

while not as elegant, I'm sure your aware you can submit houdini renders from within deadline also. so in a pinch...

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I use Deadline. I wasn't aware there was a Mantra submission inside Houdini for deadline. The one you are linking to is for hbatch rendering. Mantra uses the deadline Manta submission script, not the Houdini one.

Ahhh! Yes, that makes total sense.

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we use Deadline, I'm not sure if 5 or 6, by the way we submit rendeings from within Houdini flawlessly.

It could be useful if you could show us some screenshots and copy/pasting the information from Deadline Monitor about your submitted mantra node renderings.

Do know that we only have one Houdini license here. So, I have to generate all the IFDs locally and then submit the job through the Deadline Monitor. What I'm trying to do is get that all done with one button in the Houdini GUI. That way I can cut down on user error in job names and speed up submission times.

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