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How to prevent this volume artifact?


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I am not sure what it's called but is there a way to prevent it? I sort of thought this is happening because of using not watertight geometry when converting it to a volume. Is this true?

In this case, I used Fuse, but it still didn't improve. It's a NURBS torus though. Here is how it looks:


Thanks :)

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Thanks I tried it but I was trying to convert VDB SDF into a fog volume so I thought it didn't work. But when I set VDB to fog before converting, then it works.

It's just all of them has different ways to do the same thing, so that's why I am still getting used to it :)

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Just using normal isooffset, if you turn laser scan off it'll stop the streaks.

What I usually do with multiple objects is run them in a foreachSOP to create the individual pieces then merge them into one, works very well for complex geometry (also finding edges and doing a polyCap on them if they're not solid).


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Thanks Edward, that's what I ended up doing :)

Thanks Christian. That's a neat idea. Seems more reasonable than trying to get the whole shape at once.

How do you manage volume resolution though? I know you supply one for the Volume Merge but inside the Foreach, what resolution do you use for the individual pieces? If you use too much it will be lost in the end, no?

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