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Close a curve without "creating" a renderable surface


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Is there a simple way of closing an open curve with out creating a renderable/visible surface. After closing the ends I just want  to get a simple like the circle on the right.


The Ends Sop creates a surface..How can I avoid this? Is placing the first and last points at the same position the only solution?


Btw the curve is animated and random pointnum sorting.


Can I somehow get for every frame the pointnum of my first and  last point so I can push them in the same position?



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Super !!! Thank  you Anim!!! Your magic always works! :)


Can an admin please clean up the mesh I did with posting accidentaly the same thing 1000 times??? 


I swear it wasn't my fault!!!  :unsure:



 nevermind ..admins are propably fasters than my typing speed!

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