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Craft Houdini Tools, it is animation tools for vehicles !!&#33

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first thing i want to say thanks Odforce, and thanks to every one here it was a lot what i learned from here.


I already had seen the craft animation plug-in here:





 It is for Maya and XSI and 3D studio Max but not for Houdini, so I think to create a tool inside houdini do the same things as the craft plug-in dose in other software and i created this Digital Asset :


Craft Houdini Tool
It is animation tools, speed animation and let you drive your vehicle or airplane in the real time using the mouse or the keyboard.
Craft Houdini features:
1-     The rigging of the vehicle it’s not more than 5 minutes.
2-      you can change the parameters also even after the recording process and it can draw the new path for every change you make, such as changing the maximum speed and the strong of the suspensions …..etc.
3-       the DAs is sprightly for the CPU.Centrino core to due processor can work well with 3 viewports in the same time.
4-      You can export the recorded animation by hip file contains tow or tree nodes just , or by chops channel format. 
5-      It is not to animate the vehicles and airplanes just, it can be used to animate the rockets, birds, flying dragons, flying         insects and everything fly or slid.
6-      The tool is simulate the fact very closely, but you can change the setting to make it closer to the fiction like the high speed ,sensitive suspension and the strong of turning.
7-      You can make the recorded siulation independent of the tool completely by using a script integrated with it, it will make manual key frames for every object, so you can edit it and change it as you like.
8-   The tool contains of 5 main parts:
                              1-Craft Houdini: Turbo , for cars , trucks, any 4 wheels vehicles ........... etc
and other test:
                              2-Craft Houdini:  Fly , animating the planes rocket ...... etc
fast test here : http://vimeo.com/84207525
                              3-Craft Houdini:  Autopilot method , just like in craft animation plugin.
                              4-Craft Houdini:  Trailer , attach trailer to vehicles or make any vehicles follow other one.
fast test here : http://vimeo.com/84064759
                              5-Craft Houdini:  Wall-E , for driving the tanks ......., this one it is not completely finished.
9-   Ability to add skidding and full control parameters of the skidding progress like the terrain friction constant and the          rotation angle within skidding..........
10-  Has indicators that show you the speed and turning angle for vehicles, and the height of the construction plane (the grid), speed, airplane angle with skyline in Airplane case. It appears in the viewport only
11-About the terrain object you need to insert its path just and the vehicle will follow it automatically.
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I'm impressed. It looks really cool.

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hello zhyravetsky, no it is not in the orbolt assets store and i didn't use any orbolt asset ....................



this tool is to animate vehicles in real-time by mouse or keyboard inside Houdini, just like Craft Animation blug-in dose in Maya & 3DS Max 


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i already finished recording the vol 1 tutorial for creating Craft Houdini_Turbo Digital Asset for CmiVFX.

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i produced this lesson for cmi. we cannot wait to offer it to you all. imho it is a masterclass grade course.

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