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blending shapes with in-between steps ?

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I am trying to blend 2 simple shapes (2 curves with the same number of points) and get the in-between steps like the blend tool in illustrator would do.

The blend shape is doing the blend easily but how can I specify and keep the in-between steps geometry ?


(I am looking for the equivalent of the blend mode in C4D's Mograph cloner)


I am very new to Houdini, sorry if it is obvious, but I can't find it anywhere.



Many thanx.






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You could try animate the blend and add a Trail sop set to "Preserve Original" and use:

Trail Length - set it to how many steps you want, but you'll need to ensure there are enough frames to match.

Trail Increment - set it to 1 and it will leave a copy on each frame, set to 2 to skip every other frame etc.

Cache Size  - usually set it to the same value as trail length.


Hope that helps!


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Thanx a lot guys, works perfectly of course.


I locked the trail node with a time shift, is there a better way ?




Thats perfectly fine, or you could use the Lock-flag (red) on the node as well. Whatever you prefer really.

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