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How to remove a shelf tool from tab menu

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I created few custom shelf tools for learning purposes and added them in tab menu of various contexts. 
I have deleted most of them from the shelf but all of them still exists in the tab menu. 

How can I remove them? Also how can I remove the tab menu itself or rename it? 


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Go into the Houdini Folder here:


this is where I have mine


You can delete the entire folder and it will rebuild the desk top. From scratch. 



delete "houdini13.0" or "houdini12.0" etc. which ever one you see in this folder








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Guest mantragora

When you are creating shelf tool, make sure that you save it to custom "*.shelf" file. All the settings, code etc. will be stored there. If you didn't created custom file, than it was stored in the "default.shelf" file.

Somewhere in this file there will be created XML section similar to the one described here. If you still have you shelf in Tab menu, that means that it wasn't removed from there, so remove it yourself. Make sure that you create backup of this file, in case you mess something.



So if you have your own shelf file, structure should look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- This file contains definitions of shelves, toolbars, and tools.
 It should not be hand-edited when it is being used by the application.
 Note, that two definitions of the same element are not allowed in
 a single file. -->

<toolshelf name="mantragora_utils" label="Mantragora Utils">
   <memberTool name="Foo0"/>

<tool name="foo0" label="Foo 0" icon="PLASMA_App">
   <toolMenuContext name="viewer">
   <toolMenuContext name="network">
   <script scriptType="python"><![CDATA[import fooUtils as mantragora
Of course if there is more than one tool in the shelf, there will be more <memberTool></memberTool> and <tool></tool> sections there. <toolSubmenu></toolSubmenu> is responsible for adding it to the custom Tab menu, <toolMenuContext></toolMenuContext> is responsible for displaying it in specified view type. So probably it's one of those that was left behind when you removed you shelf tools. Edited by mantragora
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