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Kill particles after specified time after collision


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I'm novice to houdini and I'd like to have particles killed after some time elapsed after collision happened. What would be the correct approach? Should I try to do it with events? Or can it be done with Kill POP using VEXpression rule?



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You can use pop kill and pop collision detect.

Collision will create hitnum and hittime attribute.


dead = i@hitnum > 1 & @age - @hittime > 1;


The hittime will be 0 if collision not happen.

You must use if condition 


It will delete the particle 1 second after collision.

Hope it help.

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Hi, thank you for your response.

I noticed that popsolver already created attributes hitnum and hittime. However when I am checking those attributes in details view for certain particle, then on time when collision happens hitnum is set to 1 but next frame it is 0 again. And the hittime seems to behave strangely. It increments only after some frames and sometimes even decreases. To detect whether collision occured maybe I can check whether hitpos is not zero.

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