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Compositing (in COPs) multiplane exr renders


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I simulated a fire with smoke and render it out with the smoke_color smoke_mask fire_color fire_mask planes, all in a exr file. Now I want to use them in the composite part of houdini (which I never used) but I can't understand how to separate and visualize them separately. I supposed the delete node was the answer, but finally it seems to be the wrong answer ... anyone have THE anser? 


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If you're only interested in just seeing the extra planes in the viewport, use the menu on the top menubar that normally says "C".


Otherwise you can use a Rename COP to rename smoke_color to C, or the Delete SOP as you mentioned to isolate various planes. COPs will operate on all planes, but only if needed. So the viewer or a COP never references fire_mask, for example, it will never be read from the file or allocated in memory. You don't need to worry about carrying around all those extra planes if you don't reference them.

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Thanks Mark, but isn't working and I can't understand why ...

Just to be clear: I'm trying to make a contactsheet where I put the fire only, the smoke only and everything combined. But I can't isolate the single passes, I just see the original C.

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