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Denting using SopSolver Need Help to solve issue!


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Hi everyone,

I am having some hard time understanding the sopsolver especially when it comes to colliding two rbd objects.

I already read through a couple of forum post and looked at the respective example files - even the included Houdini one (Torus and Particles)

However, when trying to change the collision object to a simple RBD object the whole system stops working.

I have no idea why and I am desperate to try to understand whats going wrong. I tried dozends of variations, I checked the detail view to see if impact data are recorded, but nothing worked.



I'll upload a test object which is basically the demo from Sidefx but with some alteratoin to try it out how to use rbd impacts.


Hopefully someone can explain to me how to do this.


Cheers and thanks




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Thanks everyone for the quick response! @Saber that tutorial vid was great! explained a hell lot.

@Fayal Thx I know that page and I looked at it befor but my issue was more the understanding of how the parts interact and how to get access to that info so I can apply it to my projects.


Things are working perfectly now! 

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