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The evil AD machine now buys Shotgun


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Are the sellers evil too then?


It's tickly-funny and amusing this phenomena of the world-wide 'hatred' of AD.   :)

I wasn´t a "hater", but I´m indeed starting to hate the company because of their business policy. I´ve seen terrible things done by them on the local spanish "front" (and I mean DIRTY tricks), and they global image doesn´t look that much better.

If we look at previous examples this is NOT good news for Shotgun nor its users.

This has nothing to do with Maya, for instance, which is a good software (though it is getting dumber every year)

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AD appears to be like Microsoft in the '90s. Buying up and stifling as much as it can, but who cares about MS today?


Us humans always outwit these zombie 'People'. aka corporations ;)

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