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Fast Volume Lattice tool


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Thought I'd see if anyone had any feedback on a new tool i made. It is a volume lattice tool allowing for fast high quality deformations directly on volumes. No conversion from volume to point and back is done - the deformations happens on the volume itself. This makes it a lot faster, avoids breaking the volume however much you stretch it, and results in a higher quality end results. You can also deform multiple fields at the same time, which comes in handy for smoke and fire sims. The deformation lattice can also be animated.



If people show interest I might add the tool to Orbolt.


Feedback is much appreciated! Cheers.



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Netvudu - at the moment it does not support VDB's, just regular volumes. I haven't looked much into VDB deformations yet, but might be something I could add later :)


If you're doing your deformation in a volume vop, VDBs work with volume vops, you just need to be aware of the active voxel regions and adjust them according to the deformation.

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