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vertex color to cop texture

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Is there a way to transfer color values from vertex on poly object with uv to texture in COP? I would like to source and sample vertex color values from tension sop that i made, and use that in cops to

multyply texture driven displacements on places where i have comression in rendertime.

I just cant find way to do it. Friend found a way with qlib and uvcloud but i would like to see is there a better way maybe?


I can send sample scene if needed



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just use your tension attribute directly in the shader

create Bind VOP (or Parameter VOP) with the same name and type as your attribute and it will automatically use the attribute value if found, no need to bake that into texture unless you want to render in different renderer

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i attached a procedure using render cop. hint from:





it would still be very interesting to know how to transfer vertex colors directly to COP (without having to render).


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