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Rendering an attribute or a sop

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I want to know if it's possible to have an object attribute outputted as file or in a ROP Net node.


I have a 1024x1024 grid right now. Each point on the grid represent a pixel. This grid has many attribute and I would love to render a map of all these attribute.


I know and tested to copy each attribute to the Cd attrib and render it. It works but I wonder if there is a simpler way. A node for instance that would not need a camera or would not need to copy the attribute to render to the Cd attrib. Ideally I would like to have a render node that renders the top view of an object given attribute.




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Apply a constant shader to your grid.

     Dive into the shader and for each attribute put down a bind node, Set the attribute name and type.

     Connect each to a bind export with same name and type.



Put down a mantra node.

     Go to the render tab, set Engine to micropolygon and link the UV render object string to your grid.

     Go to the output tab, check overide camera resolution and type 1024x1024.

     Scroll down to the extra image planes part and type number of attributes to render.

     in the fields below enter each attribute(vex variable) and type(vex type).



Remember that UV space rendering only works with micropolygon and vertex UVs. If you are rendering in ipr you need to uncheck the preview box since that uses raytracing.


Here is a file that renders the UV and a attribute called renderme as extra image planes.


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Mawi, that answer is epic. It works perfectly and I learned a cool Vex trick to add attribute at the same time :)


Do you know if using Disable Edge AntiAliasing as Pixel Filter kills off completely the bluring between each pixle or I have to play around with settings in the Sampling Tab?

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