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Custom location for shelf files

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How can I set additional custom paths for shelf files?

Right now all custom tools are stored at $HOME/houdini13.0/toolbar & packaged tools must be somewhere in $HFS.


But I would like to setup a different location (let's say where I store all GitHub files), in addition to the custom path.

How can I do that?


I tried by adding setting $HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH inside houdini.env file.

But that overrides all other tool paths, and when I relaunch Houdini, there are basically no shelves there.


How do you guys setup shelf deployment which also works with Perforce or other version control?



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After augmenting the variable like you mentioned, it keeps all default shelves.

But it doesn't seem to scan shelves stored at new location.

I added a shelf at new location but after relaunching it says "Cannot find the definition of the shelf ..."


Also, where does Houdini store the info about newly added shelf.

e.g. If you want to populate new shelves or new tools in those shelves based on some external pipeline tools, which config files are the ones to look into?



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