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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I am a senior Houdini artist, but a intermediate about python script. I am looking for flipbook tool because original one is so inconvenient that every time we need to type file name and saving path. Thus, I wonder if we have the following tool: 1 click a shelf tool. 2 pop up a custom UI. 3 type rez, frame range, and automatically create a default image file name and its path in the UI, based on hip file. 4 click a button and start playblast and save the image seq. 5 Ideally it has option to save mp4 with ffmpeg. (I have no idea how to plugin this external software!! ) I cannot make such a tool from full scratch, but am capable to customize it. So far, I found useful article, and can read it but don't know, for instance, I can create a custom UI but don't know how to link those values to actual flipbook parameters. I really appreciate if you have python shelf scripts for 5 steps, or more hints to create the tool.
  2. Hello there, I use a lot of python tools to speed up my workflow. But lately for some reason my Houdini shelf got messed up and a few turned into undefined? Is there any way to fix this? when I left click it said "Menu item filter expression should return an integer" Thank you for your time
  3. Hello friends, I've got a questions I couldn't find an answer for in docs but maybe somebody will know. I've been messing around with my custom shelves and by accident I managed to remove all the tools I had in my custom shelf (stupid me). Later on I found out I haven't really deleted them, I only removed them from the shelf and they keep living somewhere within Houdini (if you click Edit Shelf I can see it in the Tools list - as shown on the picture). My problem is that there is a shitload of tools and I don't remember what am I exactly looking for by name. This Tools list doesn't offer any filter or search functionality and going through the entire list is tedious. On top of it there is a lot of random "tools" that I used just for testing stuff and I'd like to remove those. In short, I'm wondering where can I browse these in some more convenient manner, and eventually remove the ones I don't care about?? It doesn't seem to be living anywhere in $USER_PREF_DIR Anybody? Thanks, D.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm starting to get into Python 2.7 for Houdini Indie (17.5) before jumping into Houdini 18 with Python 3, and I've been working in a flipbook tool until now everything is being okay but now I've found that I can't recover the camera settings/flipbook settings after generating the MPlay to maintain the user settings after applying the script. I've been trying to use the 'hou.GeometryViewportCamera.stash()' to create a copy of the settings but I'm not sure how to use it and where should I recover these settings. Also when I try to use it I get this error: 'TypeError: unbound method setDefaultCamera() must be called with GeometryViewport instance as first argument (got nothing instead)' I've created a simplified version of the script that I'll be attaching down below: If someone has any advice or idea of how would be the good approaching intro this, I'll bee really thankful. Thanks in advance to everyone.
  5. Hello there, I'm pretty new in Houdini and want to script a measuring tool that I can use from the tool shelf or via a keyboard shortcut. So, I want to have the following behavior: Click shelf button ("ruler") Select first Point or Edge in Scene View (with edge/point snapping) Set marker on selected Point/Edge and draw a line with measured text in the scene. The line is the connection between the selected Point and the mouse. After selecting the second Point, the line, the measure text and markers should be visible for a short time and then vanish. So my main problem is that I don't know how I get the mouse or keyboard events into my tool script. I only know that I can check for a few key commands (Ctrl, etc). But I want to draw a line and update a distance text field depending on my current mouse position. So how do I get this live interaction? I already checked the tutorials about writing custom viewer states but they are all based on nodes in the network and need to be registered/unregistered at the install/uninstall event. I tried to move the logic of the simple state viewer tutorials into my tool script but was unsuccessful and never managed to receive any custom mouse or key events. The second thing is more of a workflow issue. How am I supposed to generate the geometry (markers, line, text field) and remove it afterward? Will these new nodes always be added to my network editor or is there a kind of temporary node network for it? A lot of questions but I hope someone can help me P.S. The link shows a measuring tool in use. It's more or less what I'm after https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIcUW9QFMLE&feature=youtu.be&t=299
  6. Hey guys, I am currently stuck with a tool I am writing. I have a json file that contains data from Clarisse and I wrote a shelf tool that re-creates Clarisse's scatter in Houdini. I went the path of creating an Add SOP with the python script with all the points from Clarisse and their position data, a few Attribute Create SOPs, CopyToPoints SOP and the asset file. Now I need to add my orient attribute to the points based on the XYZ rotation that is saved in the json. The problem I encounter is that I actually cannot add point attributes via the shelf tool python script, right? I tried to find a solution to this but as far as I understand, as long as I am not working from a Python SOP or the shell I can only call the geometry() object as read only or freeze() it but then I cannot write the attributes back onto the points(?) Is there something I misunderstand or another workflow I am missing? If one you has an idea or solution or other comment, I appreciate it Thank you! Dziga
  7. When I create a shelf tool containing a vellum solver node, all the nodes within the solver disappear once I try to use the tool. The same does not happen when I create a tool that has a normal dopnetwork.
  8. How can I open a Python panel from a shelf item/icon, In a new floating panel?
  9. garf


    Hello How do I add a tool tip to a shelf tool?
  10. Hi everyone! I am completely new to Houdini and have a few questions about Ocean and FLIP. In the attachment you can see a simple “boat” with a FLIP (Guided Ocean Layer) connected to it, combined with a “Small ocean surface” from the shelf. 1. How would I go about blending the FLIP and the Ocean ? 2. The default shader for the FLIP-sim does not seem to have any “foam” on the top of waves/crest like the “surface” does. Adding Whitewater does create “foam” spray around the “boat”, but how would I go about getting foam on the wave-tops/crest of the FLIP-sim ? Thank you in advance !
  11. Hello , I'm trying to customize my houdini layout to put a 2 shelf on top of each other like the image below in softimage , but i can't figure out how to do that , is this possible ?
  12. Hi guys, I'm trying to create a shelf button that quickly create a parameter into the selected node. To start, I'm happy with the initial solution, taken from https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=22539 n = hou.selectedNodes()[0] group = n.parmTemplateGroup() n_fol = hou.ui.readInput("Folder name: ", title=('Add Float:'))[1] n_par = hou.ui.readInput("Parm name: ", title=('Add Float:'))[1] folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate(n_fol, n_fol) folder.addParmTemplate(hou.FloatParmTemplate(n_par, n_par, 1)) group.append(folder) n.setParmTemplateGroup(group) but I have a problem, when I run again to add a second parameter, the folder takes name from the first one adding '_1' instead of taking the name I put in the folder name. The label it's ok, with the name I insert. Any idea why is this happening? Thanks!
  13. Hi i just installed Houdini 14 but as you can see in the picture the render view and the shelf are not showing, i can click on them but they're invisible, please how to fix this? thanks
  14. Hi, I´m looking to integrate Houdini inside our custom pipeline. We already have a pipeline script working inside Maya and I´m trying to replicate it in Houdini. I started with interface creation with Qt and Pyside. I´m in the early stages but already have some doubts. In maya I can create a shelf panel, add some icons and integrate to my script. I´m trying to do it inside qt using buttons with icons but the result is very ugly. So, It´s possible to create these kind of special houdini panels with a qt interface? Somebody has some tutorials or docs about custom interfaces using python in houdini? I couldn´t find anything more than this Masterclass on vimeo. Thanks
  15. Hello, How can I set additional custom paths for shelf files? Right now all custom tools are stored at $HOME/houdini13.0/toolbar & packaged tools must be somewhere in $HFS. But I would like to setup a different location (let's say where I store all GitHub files), in addition to the custom path. How can I do that? I tried by adding setting $HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH inside houdini.env file. But that overrides all other tool paths, and when I relaunch Houdini, there are basically no shelves there. How do you guys setup shelf deployment which also works with Perforce or other version control? Thanks
  16. Hello, I created few custom shelf tools for learning purposes and added them in tab menu of various contexts. I have deleted most of them from the shelf but all of them still exists in the tab menu. How can I remove them? Also how can I remove the tab menu itself or rename it? Thanks
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