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Cigarette Ash Procedural Model

Diego A Grimaldi

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Hey everybody,


I'm trying to make a procedural model of a cigarette ash (possibly procedurally animatable), and I'm kinda at a dead end.


I started with a simple model with another model inside and use a couple of voronoi fractures to give a sort of cracked look but didn't get anywhere close to the sample picture.


Then I tried a different approach, scattering point on a cigarette-like object and copy stamping different noisy planes but even that didn't work (mostly for my lack of experience in modeling/texturing).


I was wondering if anybody ever did this sort of model/effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to to the model, shader, and render :S


Bonus points for a hip file :D


Link to pic here: 



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Hi Diego,


I recently tried to create a result inspired by your image:

- voronoi fracture a tube (using an increasing value in 'scatter sop' - >'alternative attribute')

- convert the fractured pieces to roundish pieces via nurbs

- subdivide the pieces and put (probably several layers of) noise on them

- use suitable noise maps for texturing and

- increase level of detail by using 'displacement' in your material


cigarette.hipnc shows what i mean (please take it as a rough draft, its certainly just a first go)

cigarette2.hipnc is ripping a tube by noise (very messy file as well)


for further research you might want to look inside the following tutorials:


http://www.rohandalvi.net/commercial/ -> 'tea and cookies' (his cookie technique for cracks may be useful for your ash pieces)

https://cmivfx.com/store/506-Houdini+Embers+And+Ash (maybe too much on animation)

http://www.rohandalvi.net/free/ -> 'disintegration in houdini' for ripping

https://cmivfx.com/store/280-Houdini+Fractals for texturing


good luck!






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