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Pt.Buncher Digital Asset development

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Looks like a cool tool ;), although you may want to revise the info on the Orbolt page, 


Stunning asset for all motion designers for generating connection between points in 3dspace.Absolutely unnecessary to have this tool if you are motion designer or video mapper!

Width of lines depends on distance between points. You can use attributes: - Number of connections per point - Distance to search other points - Color per point - Scale per point Absolutely simplified interface with tips and example hip-file for understanding principles of work with Point Buncher

Please see screenshoots for more information

Point Buncher under heavy support and it is production-ready solution for your needs. Use your imagination for getting impressive animations!


for instance you say: "Absolutely unnecessary to have this tool" I think you mean necessary, as well a couple of other typos.

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Thank you Acey, I will fix it.

English is not my native language.



Skybar, it is VEX hard coded solution.

I used 3 different approaches to get this effect and VEX solution was fastest.



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