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  1. Hi Everyone, First: I only need advice on M1 Max performance. I know the fact that Custom PC is a cheaper solution (I have one currently). I will travel a lot in the next few months. I want to buy a M1 Max 16'' with: - 10 Core CPU - 32 Core GPU - 32Gb Memory - 1Tb SSD My current PC Specs: - Ryzen 9 12-Core - RTX2070 Super 8Gb - 64Gb Ram - 1Tb Nvme / 1Tb SSD I wonder if 32Gb will be sufficient to run some simulations (Vellum, Fracture and Fluid)? I'm in doubt regarding the 64Gb Upgrade (or not) I know that.. there's never something like ''too much RAM'' But I wonder if someone had already did a try on Houdini simulations on a 32Gb M1 Max 16''? Is it decent? Are you able to work properly? It's already a lot of money, and even if, when you spend 5000$.... 500$ upgrade could appears ''okay'', But I don't want to spend ''too much'' at the end. (I read myself again..Yeah.. 5000$(with taxes) is already .. a sh*t load of cash) I don't work exclusively on Houdini, but also on Unreal, Unity, Substance, Blender. Ps: At the end, this need to be my main (and only) computer Thank you for your time! Take care EDIT: For the same price (~5000$) Do you have some very good (windows) laptop in mind? (at least 64gb RAM and very good GPU // Optimized for VFX)
  2. El Ranchito is currently looking for a qualified Mid/Senior FX TDs to join us as soon as possible. Location: El Ranchito Madrid or 100% remote Type of contract: Long-term, to start as soon as possible. Primary responsibilities: · Working closely with the FX Supervisor to creatively solve effects challenges and develop final shot look. · Deliver all elements in a structured way that allows efficient integration into the pipeline. · Working with other TD's and artists to create photo-real effects and physically accurate simulations · Working with production management to prioritize tasks. · Creatively solve problems and achieve art direction for a shot. · Anticipate, communicate and troubleshoot any creative and/or technical problems Requirements: · Minimum 3+ years experience in the feature movie and/or television industry. · Expert working knowledge of Houdini Software. · Experience with rigid body and particle dynamics, volume modelling and rendering, procedural geometry generation and fluid dynamics · Proficient knowledge of FX techniques and workflows. · Familiarity with one or more coding /scripting languages (VEX/Python/etc…) · Good knowledge of NUKE and/or other compositing package. · Good communication, organizational, time management and interpersonal skills. · Eligible to work in Spain. If you are interested, fill up the recruiting questionnaire that you can find in our website, and please select Apply for / 3D FX. You can also send us your CV, link to our demoreel and availability to cv@elranchito.es.
  3. PavelK

    3D Generalist

    Hi, my name is Pavel, I'm a multidisciplinary digital artist. I have extensive experience in creating high-quality visual digital content of any complexity, from developing a logo, banner, or landing page to creating a 3D visualization or product animation. I use Cinema 4D, Zbrush, TouchDesigner, Houdini FX, Adobe CC, Octane render, and other tools. I offer assistance in achieving goals, an individual approach, and a wide range of services in one place. Email me (info.pavel.kazlou@gmail.com) and we find the best options for Your Business! https://www.generative.pl/ https://www.behance.net/Pavel_Kazlou https://vimeo.com/user138639341 https://www.linkedin.com/in/PavelKazlou/ Best regards, Pavel
  4. El Ranchito is currently looking for a qualified Unreal Engine Technical Artist to join us at our Madrid facility. As a Technical Artist for our Virtual Production team, you will be working closely with our team of specialists to help to support the film making process to become more dynamic and versatile where educated decisions can be made upfront, improving the overall creative experience. You will be using a variety of tools, software and hardware to deliver creative solutions on set with the director and crew as they film. Primary responsibilities: • Bring to screen imaginery generated with Unreal Engine, both in real time or offlined, both direct to camera or composition oriented, with photorealistic quality. Requirements: • At least 3 years working in industry with blueprints/Unreal Engine • Strong knowledge of 3D asset creation in Maya or 3DsMax and motion builder with Unreal Engine, as well as character/camera animation and game and/or vfx pipelines • Solid understanding of workflows inside UE4, including knowledge of lighting, particle systems, post-processes, material setup and optimization • Knowledge of Houdini Engine conection with UE as well as Houdini Enviroment/Terrain Tools is a huge plus. • Must be efficient, reliable, self-motivated and passionate about your work, requiring minimal supervision • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot In-engine and with hardware e.g. VR headsets or trackers • Experience working with photogrammetric Modeling • Ability and motivation to quickly learn new software • Fluent Spanish and/or English language skills, spoken and in writing • Eligible to work in Spain If you are interested, please fill up the recruiting questionnaire that you can find in our website, and select Apply for / Other / Unreal Engine Technical Artist”. You can also send us your CV to cv@elranchito.es
  5. Hi all, As some of you may know I have recently started a youtube channel where I am sharing some techniques, setups and tips. My goal is to first cover some of the fundamental tools/setups and then build more elaborate setups. I wanted to share this with the odforce community too as this community will always have a special place in my heart :). Thank you for watching & have fun learning! The channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMPkkgnAFghvffxaTh6CsA My first video:
  6. El Ranchito es una galardonada empresa de efectos visuales para películas, televisión y comerciales. Con oficinas en Madrid y Barcelona, en los últimos años El Ranchito ha entregado un trabajo sobresaliente para grandes éxitos de taquilla, que incluyen: Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, Locke and Key, Lost in Space, Shadow and Bone, Carnival Row y muchos más. El Ranchito está buscando actualmente un Junior Pipeline Developer para que se una a nosotros en nuestras instalaciones de Madrid. · Tipo de contrato: Jornada completa (100% remoto) · Duración del contrato: Larga duración Descripción del trabajo: El Pipeline Developer es responsable del diseño y desarrollo de flujos de trabajo y herramientas para facilitar el proceso de producción de nuestros proyectos. Además de tener sólidas habilidades técnicas y de desarrollo de software, Pipeline Dev es un excelente comunicador, capaz de comprender y comunicarse de manera efectiva entre desarrolladores y artistas técnicos y no técnicos. Requerimientos: · Capacidad para comunicarse de forma clara y precisa · Excelentes habilidades técnicas para la resolución de problemas · Una actitud positiva y colaborativa · Gran interés en las tecnologías actuales y emergentes · Autónomo · Capacidad para trabajar con plazos ajustados Habilidades y experiencia deseadas · Se prefiere un título en ciencias de la computación, matemáticas o ingeniería · Competente en Python 2.x / 3.xy / o C ++. · Se prefiere experiencia previa con sistemas de control de revisiones como Git o SVN. · Sería útil tener experiencia previa con PyQt o PySide. · Es preferible una sólida comprensión de los procesos de producción para cine y televisión. · Competente con una o más API de software: Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Arnold, Vray, Deadline, Unreal Engine y Shotgun · La experiencia con el diseño o desarrollo del sistema de gestión de activos de efectos visuales es una ventaja. · La experiencia con Unreal Engine es una ventaja. · También consideraremos artistas técnicamente capacitados para el puesto. · Dominio del idioma español e inglés, hablado y escrito. · Elegible para trabajar en España Envíanos tus datos a través del cuestionario de contratación que puedes encontrar en nuestra web: https://www.elranchito.es/recruitment-2/ . Seleccione Solicitar / "Programador de I + D".
  7. El Ranchito is an award winning Visual Effects company for films, television and commercials. With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, over the past years El Ranchito has delivered outstanding work for major blockbusters, including: Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, Locke and Key, Lost in Space, Shadow and Bone, Carnival Row and many more.. El Ranchito is currently looking for a Mid Pipeline Developer to join us at our Madrid facility. · Type of contract: Full-time (100% remote) · Duration of the contract: Long-term Job Description: The Pipeline Developer is responsible for the design and development of workflows and tools to facilitate the production process of our projects. In addition to having strong technical and software development skills, the Pipeline Dev is an excellent communicator, being able to understand and communicate effectively between technical and non-technical developers and artists. Requirements: · A degree in computer science, math or engineering is strongly preferred · 3+ years of experience in Visual Effects, Computer Animation or other related fields. · Advanced in writing well architected, documented and tested in python 2.x/3.x and/or C++. · Experience with revision control systems such as Git or SVN is prefered. · Experience with PyQt or PySide. · Advanced skills with one or more software APIs: Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Arnold, Vray, Deadline, Unreal Engine and Shotgun · Experience with Visual Effects Asset Management System design or development is a plus. · Experience with Unreal Engine is a plus. Desired skills and expertise · Ability to communicate clearly and precisely · Excellent technical problem-solving skills · A positive and collaborative attitude · A keen interest in current and emerging technologies · Autonomous · Ability to work with tight deadlines · Fluent Spanish and English language skills, spoken and in writing · Eligible to work in Spain Please send us your details through the recruiting questionnaire that you can find in our website: https://www.elranchito.es/recruitment-2/. Please select Apply for / “R&D Programmer”.
  8. Hi Guys, I was trying to copy an object along multiple curves. I have attached few images that show how I get these curves. What happens at the end I'm getting some curves that have flipped winding orders, this eventually changes the tangent direction. Due to which when I use copy to points sop it flips my object. Kindly share your thoughts on fixing this issue.
  9. Hello community, I am doing a SpaceX starship rocket landing on an extended ocean (flip sim integrated), right now I am working on the rocket exhaust which should interact with the flip simulation. 1. I have created the pyro simulation of the exhaust flame and now I want to add this pyro flame sim to the rocket model where the exhaust should be. 2. I have done a point expression for the pyro cache, it has worked out. BUT now, when I want to render it, the flame is staying on the grid and isn't on the rocket. I hope you understand a bit about my idea. Here is a screenshot with the problem. here is the hip file with the 3d modell https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q_c7VAu4qidMzSdMLl7IBvPs3VeqTlMi?usp=sharing I would really appreciate help, because I have set a deadline for my own and I want to reach it!
  10. Hi, I'm Vincent Gannier, a french 4th year student in south of France. I fell in love with Houdini some months ago and now I dream to become a VFX artist in London or anywhere. Here is my demoreel : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xJPoJX I'm looking for a summer internship in UK, France or anywhere you want. I want to be useful, learn as much as possible and I highly motivated, really. Feel free to contact me on my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincent-gannier/?locale=en_US or by email vincent.gannier@gmail.com Thank you for reading me and I wish you an excellent day.
  11. Hello, I´m Martina from UPP Advertising (www.upp.cz/advertising) and we are looking now for 3D Generalist, Houdini, Unreal Artist, 3D Artist to cooperate in-house in our studio in the center of Prague (for a project or longterm). If you are interested, please contact me by email martina.sramkova@upp.cz and I will tell you more. Thank you and have a nice day! Martina
  12. Role Interference Pattern are looking for an experienced senior artist to be our Head of 3D. The role will involve leading 3D teams, choosing good technical solutions to creative challenges and ongoing hands-on work as a CG artist. We are looking for a highly motivated, self driven individual with a desire to help us continue to expand and develop the studio. If you’re interested in the following areas then we’d love to hear from you: High resolution modelling and sculpting for characters and environments Photorealistic texturing and surfacing Lighting both realistic and stylised 3D scenes Compositing workflows and methodologies for both live-action VFX and full CGI animation Rendering technologies Working with real-time engines such as Unreal and Unity Leading teams and providing oversight and feedback to team members Working within structured studio pipelines and using that knowledge to further develop workflows In depth knowledge and experience in SideFX Houdini is a big plus Candidates must be able to legally work within the UK About Us We are a thriving animation studio based in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. We do a range of animation and vfx work, including for features, broadcast content, commercials and marketing, original shorts, interactive VR experiences and bespoke 3D outsourcing via IPBuild. We offer a warm, flexible, family-friendly working environment and a really interesting and diverse range of work. Location We are currently all working remotely. However, we’re really looking forward to being back together on-site again and are looking for a candidate who could be based within commuting distance of Edinburgh. (A hybrid model with time split between onsite and remote working would be considered.) Application Process To apply, please send your CV, cover letter and links to an online showreel or portfolio to info@interferencepattern.com with “Head of 3D” in the subject line.
  13. Hello, My issue I am facing is getting geometry(mushrooms) to interact with grains (soil). I've tried setting the geometry to a RBD hero object and the grains as collision geometry however this is not working. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated thanks:) Mushrooms.hipnc
  14. Interference Pattern are looking for a senior-level 3d artist to join our team at our Edinburgh studio in a long term capacity. The role requires a broad knowledge and experience of the entire 3D pipeline, from modelling and texturing, through to lighting and final compositing. We appreciate that potential candidates may have varying levels of experience and software familiarity; we are primarily looking for a proven track record in turning out great looking work in good time and someone who can demonstrate a strong sense of visual aesthetics. We are currently working on a remote studio model and will continue this for the foreseeable short term. We will however look to transition back to working from the studio in the future and this would require presence in Edinburgh. Applicants: ● will be driven by a desire to create beautiful, inspiring visuals ● will be responsible for creating content for live studio projects ● will have a keen eye for detail ● will provide feedback and supervision to other artists ● should have experience with Houdini, Maya, Painter, Redshift, Unreal and Nuke ● must be available for an immediate start ● must currently be able to work legally within the UK Application Process To apply, please send your CV, cover letter and links to an online showreel or portfolio to info@interferencepattern.com About us We are a small and perfectly formed animation studio based in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. We do a diverse and interesting range of work, including documentary features, commercials, original shorts, interactive VR experiences and bespoke 3d asset builds.
  15. We’re looking to partner with talented 3D artists who are interested in creating and sharing unique content with Display.land, a new 3D capture scanning app by Ubiquity6. Using the app, we want creators to create interesting, creative, and unique experiments and projects using the 3D captures of Display.land. Participants have creative liberty, and we encourage you to have fun and experiment with the models. Ambassadors will then share their projects with their existing networks and communities of other artists who would benefit from this technology. Check out the app here: https://get.display.land/ Requirements: Collaborate & create creative 3D content using Display.land scans Share creations in active online creative software communities Encourage adoption and use of Display.land as a creative tool for artists Receive compensation per post Compensation/Terms: $25.00-50.00 usd / post (flexible and mutually agreed upon prior to posting). Additional details provided in SOW. Timing: ASAP & ongoing If interested, please reach out to kellyL@ubiquity6.com with some samples of your work and why this project sounds exciting to you. We look forward to hearing from you! More about Display.land: Display.land is a new 3D capture scanning app that allows users to create accurate, fast 3D captures of real-world environments with very little tech overhead. This free app lets creators scan any location or subject, using only their smartphone, and upload it to our cloud servers to create a 3D mesh of that scanned environment Users can export their model as an OBJ, GLTF, and PLY file formats, which make it possible to use captures from Display.land in Blender, Cinema4D, Unity, Unreal, Maya, or any 3D software for any purpose. The app also functions as a social tool for users to capture the world and share it with anyone. The future of the app is iterating towards a localized, 3D creation tool for any 3D, AR and VR experience later this year. A lot of exciting stuff on the horizon! Examples: Sample 3D scan of a skate park from one of our users using our app Josh Pierce's Displayland/C4D Tutorial Tom Coben's Night Dream IG Video TechCrunch, Greg Kumparak – Ubiquity6’s Display.land is part 3D scanner, part social network Next Reality, Tommy Palladino – AR Cloud Startup Ubiquity6 Launches Display.land for 3D Capture via Smartphone Cameras Variety, Janko Roettgers – AR Startup Ubiquity6 Launches Displayland, an Instagram for Photogrammetry
  16. Role Interference Pattern are looking for a freelance mid to senior level 3d artist with experience in creating realistic environments. Houdini, Redshift and Nuke knowledge/experience a plus. Requirements Applicants must: • be available for an immediate start until approximately mid February 2020. • be able to work on-site at the Interference Pattern studio in Edinburgh • currently be able to work legally within the UK The role requires a broad knowledge and experience of the entire 3D Pipeline, with a focus on producing polished lit 3D environments. We appreciate that potential candidates may have varying levels of experience and software familiarity; we are primarily looking a proven track record in turning out great looking work and a candidate who can demonstrate a strong sense of visual aesthetics. Application Process To apply, please send your CV, cover letter and links to an online showreel or portfolio to info@interferencepattern.com
  17. mmk1976

    Roll-up curve

    Hi there, here is my attempt to solve "Roll-up Curve" in single wrangle node scene file available on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mkgrafics RollnRoll_1_1_1.mp4 RollnRoll_3.mp4 parameters.mp4
  18. Came across this effect by accident...just tweaking the Upres node. Am wondering how you masters would go about doing this? Cheers!
  19. Hi guys, Far far far away, in a galaxy... there was someone that had a tutorial online about morphing a text into a logo. He did some font fixing, creat a trail of the morph, some rendering mantra stuff.. It was coming out at the same time as the CMIVFX ParticleFx tutorial. I know its a old one but I am looking for it but have no clue what the name is / or which company. Anyone? Im just looking for that specific name, not a solution to fix something ;-) thnx
  20. Hey, everyone ! I know some of you are having hard times looking for a good Houdini tutorials? Found a really cool website with video tutorials. I like the author of the tutorial, he explains everything very clear. Just in case someone will need video tutorials , here’s the link to check full list of his tutorials: https://www.cgcircuit.com/instructor/tyler.bay Hope it helps! Best, Chris
  21. I'm having an issue where some of my instanced objects are not casting shadows when rendering to Arnold. In my example project that I've uploaded, box_instance_1 is not casting shadows on the ground plane where as box_instance_2 is casting shadows perfectly fine. Even stranger, when I hide box_instance_1 from render, box_instance_2 suddenly does not cast shadows. As far as I know I've set up both instances in the same way. Clearly something weird is going on, and I'd love to know if anyone else has encountered this issue? I'm on version 16.5.439 rock_instances.hip
  22. Hi guys, I have this footage: and I want to turn it into this: (This image was made in Photoshop) The main problem are those street lamps in the middle and i dont know how delete them and after that integrate the 3D elements (chairs, plants, trees, etc) Any idea? Steps by step? Process of integration? Thanks
  23. Hi The below link is my YouTube channel in which i will be posting Recent and best of vfx breakdowns and show reels. Which will be for self motivation and fx reference.. Hope will be useful for some one... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhBrSWTST2igLPaE_13uDw/featured https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhBrSWTST2igLPaE_13uDw/videos
  24. Hi my name is abhigyan and i just joined this forum. I am new to houdini for almost 3-4 months at max. I was learning c4d and after effects before that. I love programming as well(python, javascript). The thing is as much as I love houdini I get confused as to how I go about learning it. It feels so overwhelming. No matter how many tutorials I watch I am just not able to grasp some concepts. How do I go about it? I am sorry if I didnt follow some rules here since I am new.
  25. Download the Course Files & Watch for Free at CG Circuit https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/houdini-for-the-new-artist Hello ODFORCE! I'm very excited to share my first Houdini course titled: Houdini For the New Artist Houdini for The New Artist is perfect for anyone interested in learning Houdini for the first time. To keep things interesting, we learn about the basics while building "Alfred the Rhino" from scratch. If you're looking for an intro tutorial that gives you a bit of everything, fun to work with, and straight to the point - this is for you. Be sure to check out the full course and download the course files and practice along. Thank you for watching! Course Outline Intro 42s The Interface 12m 26s Setting up Our Project 12m 53s Utilizing Attributes 10m 47s Caching 8m 23s Applying Materials 9m 55s Adding the Backdrop 6m 41s Basic Shading Parameters 5m 36s Lighting 9m 30s Rendering 12m 29s
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