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[H13] Light component separation


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Hi guys,


i have a question concerning light components in H13. I have the following case:

I want a light that only contributes to direct diffuse illumination.

According to the documentation it should be possible with the category syntax to do just that, however i cannot seem to get it working.



Here is the use case: The candle on the table has no illumination. The illumination comes from a sphere light. The sphere light has indirect contribution turned off because of noise issues. However the sphere light still contributes to direct reflection, where only the pyro sim should contribute. I cannot seem to dissable everything but direct diffuse on the sphere light....


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I think the image shows how to solve your problem...


(sorry, in the image, I disabled the diffuse. You need to do the opposite, disable all the other components)


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Hey gui, thx for your reply, but i think you are disabling both the indirect and direct diffuse component.

What i need would be something like


[ ]indirect

[ ]* ^diffuse




[ ]indirect & * ^diffuse


The thing is that i didnt find a syntax that would work. The component syntax always became invalid and all contributions where enabled again.

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