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to create a line from random object?


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   Hello everybody, i hope everything is great! So, i was plannig to make something then i needed something like this...


Is that possible to creat a curve from deformed object? For example, i created a tube and painted it then deleted the rest but problem is i need a line/curve from my last delete sop... i put here and example about that.... 




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i tried to calcualte max and min height and creat a line from that but this is the result that i dont want :( when you look from the top line crossing inside the geomerty... actually i need something like raysop effect you know what i am saying... but i really couldnt figured out what i supposed to do... 


thanx for help.... peace!


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Hi, I think there is no simple solution to this problem. Any ideas I have will only get you to a certain point with a draft quality and many errors. What I would try first is to process it through straight skeleton algorithm. You can find a fairly good starting point in this post. Hope it help and good luck)

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