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The procedural UV section of the What's New in the H14 documentation has not been published yet. I assume that's where I'll find out how to use the new H14 UDIM features.


In the meantime, has anyone been able to use it? If so how? Amongst other things regarding UDIMs in H14, I am interested in the following: 


  • How does it affect the viewport UV perspective?
  • Does the default GLSL support UDIM at all? If so how?
  • Are there new VEX functions to be able to use it?
  • How to adapt the map file picker for UDIM texture file sets in for a shader?


Thanks in advance,



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ps: I should add that there is a mention of a "udim" primitive attribute in the UV Layout SOP documentation. So I guess all my questions above are better put in context of that attribute and I should add: Is the inclusion of a UV Layout SOP/"udim" primitive attribute mandatory for UDIM support in H14 (if any beyond that) or can it natively use UV coordinates above 1,1 (the standard way to do it)?

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Oh thanks eetu, Mark! You're the best as always!


Sad to see that the Layout SOP is the UDIM support in H14 and that's it. Everything else still has to be user-implemented.


Will stick to ol'VEX shading tricks (and maybe update them with the new string handling functions for UDIM file token replacement and support the non-standard "udim" primitive attribute as well just in case).

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Great news! In latest build 14.0.328 in "Texture VOP" node added support of UDIM. You need to check "UDIM Filename Expansion".

Than if you have UDIM textures like "pic.1001.tif" in filename need to enter "pic.%(UDIM)d.tif".


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and there is as well separate function to get udim based filename from uvs


Wednesday, March 25, 2015 
Houdini 13.0.727: There's a new VEX function, texprintf() which can perform efficient evaluation of UDIM or UVTILE style filename expansion.

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