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Render just secondary image planes

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I want to output a pass with the shadows that are casted on an object that is matte in my beauty render. Since I can't think of a way to force matte and phantom objects in each different image plane, I created a second mantra node to output just the shadow pass, which works fine.

But is there a way to disable the primary beauty render on that second node, so I don't render unnecessary images? I just want the extra AOVs from that render node.


thank you



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This is something I'm running into as well for PBR.  I recently did a shot lighting 23 dinosaurs in a copter plate.  The shadow pass actually took longer than the beauty.  Even with no texture on the ground the shading of it just to get the cast shadows in AOV was a real drag, on top of having to tell the compositor to just ignore the RGB of the shadow pass and pull the AOVs.  The old shadowmatte technique doesn't seem to have an analog with PBR.


The closest viable solution I could think of so far might be rendering with the ground/BG projections in the beauty and then have a channel that would end up being a matte to separate the object you really wanted from the main beauty render, so that you got the cast shadows in AOVs of the main render.  At the very least it would seem less wasteful.

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