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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, my problem is that I cannot create shadows on my tiles. test.01.hip Whenever I render with Arnold and a skydome light, there are no shadows on my tiles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Do you have some ideas how to make Shadow and Sun analysis in H17.5? I would like to make the analytic tool for my procedural city, similar to this: I think it would be "sun" vector promoted to objects attributes as color. Maybe some use of new measure node? Thank you for any advices.
  3. Hey Guys! This issue is driving me crazy! When I try to render my model I get a bad artifacts in the shadows. I think its most mantra problem. Tried different renders (Redshift, Arnold) everything is ok. Tried many debugs. Did anyone had a chance to encounter this problem? Images and scene attached. bug_scene_v001.hip
  4. Anyone know how to pull a shadow pass using lpe's in mantra? I found this on renderman but the syntax is different lpe:shadows;C[<.D'collector'><.S'collector'>]<L.>
  5. i just need self shadow don't need the shadow on another object how to do it?~Thank you
  6. Hi guys, I'm having trouble setuping a simple shadow matte material in Arnold for houdini, I don't know how to lay out my network to get only the shadows in the alpha channel of the grid: 01_default render 02_shadow matte render but wrong alpha 03_other failed attempt Any insight on how to properly use the shadow matte node ? Thanks a lot ! shadow_matte.hip
  7. Hello, This is not really a new topic, but I never found any convincing answer to it. Here is the scene : (i) a ground plane A which has a shadowmatte shader applied into it; (ii) a cube B that also has the same shadowmatte material applied to it and (iii) a volume having the form of a sphere C to which a billowysmoke material is applied (for fun, I could have taken a solid with a classic shader). I want B to cast shadows on C but not on A; I want simultaneously to have C to cast shadows on A. Said otherwise, I would like that all objects having the shadowmatte applied onto them cast and receive shadows onto / from objects having a different material, and avoid any "selfshadowing" ("self" being understood as objects having this same shader applied onto them) Therefore, saying B don't cast shadows don't work, neither saying A don't receive shadows. By the way, it seems that all masks options can't work in this situation, nor making groups. It seems to me that it would requires to change the code of the shader, so that when a ray hits a surface, it should "understand" what was the previous surface he was bouncing from and get its shader name, to know if ultimately it can be considered a shadow ray or not... Being quite weak in shading, I may express that very badly, but in short : does anyone knows any tricks to solve the problem above ? The only way I can get what I want is through having different passes / AOV with masks and solve that in comp. But a one shot solution would make gain some time :-) selfShadowingTest.hip
  8. Hey! I have a low poly model and the shadows being cast don't look right. I only have this problem with mantra, when I render it with V-Ray in Maya I don't see the same problem. I tried adjusting the raytracing bias, but that did not fix it. The first picture is the mantra render, the second is from Maya. Any ideas on what causes this? (i dont want to subdivide the geo) thanks: ) shadow.hipnc
  9. Hi, I am pretty new to Houdini and I've got a noob question: how can I only render the light and shadow on the ground without the ground? Thanks a lot, Máté
  10. Hello!, Let's say I have a rotating cube, a grid floor and a direct light projecting the shadow of the cube into the floor.. how can I get the motion vector of this projected shadow? , I already know how to get the vectors of the cube but it's shadow is a mistery.
  11. Hello Odforce! I have found mantra to behave quite weird when it comes to instancing and mattes. I have a simple example scene where I want to render the instanced geometry with a matte. When rendering with the physically based engine it starts rendering after 2 or 3 seconds. When rendering with the micropolygon engine, mantra needs more than 15 seconds before it starts rendering. Now this can become troublesome if for example you have 5000 medium stones you want to scatter across a landscape and want another 10000 small stones. I am asking this because I have the my actual scene where rendering time won't start until 45 seconds with the micropolygon engine. The problem is that I have to use micropolygon because I'm rendering volumes and want to matte out geometry. I have included a demo file to show you the problem. Thank you in advance for your suggestions! Shadow_Matte.hip
  12. Hey guys, after checking many aspect of me geo, and many render setting, I'm left confuse with this shadow error. I bet it's me, once again, but if you know about this issue, you'd help me a lot. thanks in advance !
  13. Hi, Does anyone have thoughts on how I might be able to access the direct_shadow component on a light by light basis in VEX? I'm using PBR, and need to do some shadow compositing in render rather than in post. I can use the shadowmatte vop to give me a matte to use, but it doesn't appear to allow me to restrict which lights contribute to the matte. My current thinking is to use an illuminance loop with categories, but I'm unsure if/how I can query the lights for shadowing info. Is that data exported from lights, or in PBR is it all lumped into one output by the integrator? (I see the pbrlighting vop exports direct_shadow as one vector...) any ideas? Ben
  14. Hi I have en environnement geometry from Maya with his own material contained in a .ass file. When I import it in Houdini, I can cast a shadow on it without problem (with Force Phantom). But since I don't have a real access to the shader content, is there a way to add a shadow catch AOV of the added Houdini assets without recreating and reassigning an Arnold Material for each .ass geometry where I need the shadow pass? Thanks Maxime
  15. Hi, I want to output a pass with the shadows that are casted on an object that is matte in my beauty render. Since I can't think of a way to force matte and phantom objects in each different image plane, I created a second mantra node to output just the shadow pass, which works fine. But is there a way to disable the primary beauty render on that second node, so I don't render unnecessary images? I just want the extra AOVs from that render node. thank you Georgios
  16. Short animation i did last year about the Platonic Solids. Houdini for all the VFX; rendered with Mantra. Let me know what you guys think Cheers! http://cargocollective.com/pedrokobuti
  17. Hi, guys. I just curious the fire without smoke have shadow? I saw somebody argue with it, i don't know what the fire consist of. maybe plasma or other particle. I hope it not be a boring topic. Thanks
  18. Hello guys. I was trying to work with glass material and caustic lights. However I have a problem while creating a material for the plane. The caustic lights and shadows are casted to the plane. So I don't want the plane to have diffuse channel, I just want alpha information for the shadows and alpha information for the refracted light that is bouncing in the floor in a sepparate alpha channel. Is that possible? I need to compo it into a live action footage so I don't want the geometry of the plane to be exported. I thought this idea could work: 1. Export the whole geometry, the glass balls with the floor. 2. Export direct reflection and refraction passes. 3. Export a CONSTANT COLOR matte of the ground but NOT the glass balls. So that we can crop out the diffuse of JUST the floor in the compositing stage. This must be super easy and not as this silly work out. How do you composite caustic lights? Thanks in advance guys.
  19. How to control some object whether receive the other's shadow?Imagine I have thousands objects and many lights. What can I do?
  20. Hi there, A good friend of mine recommended me the forum, so here I am . I started to learn houdini a week ago, I'm specialized in rendering, and I have a couple of questions regarding mantra and some special settings. My first issue is that I cannot recreate the refraction effect that allow me to color my shadows. The light is going through a red transparent object, so the shadow projected from that object shoudn't be that dark, but less opaque and a bit redish. For those of you that are familiar with vray, the option in that renderer is called affect shadows, in the vray material refraction tab. The second weird thing I have is regarding the image planes that should allow me to render extra aov. I do understand the concept of "export components" assigned to all the image planes that get the component attribute. But what if you want to have, let's say for the direct lighting (per components) image plane, the diffuse component only, and for another image plane (indirect lighting per components for instance), you want diffuse reflect and refract ? If you put diffuse, reflect, refract in the export components, you will have diffuse, reflect and refract for all the image planes. I'm not sure I'm super clear in what I'm saying, so please let me know if that's not understandable. Thanks in advance for your help. I might come back with other questions later . Cheers ! Lyonel
  21. Hello. Is it possible to control shadow opacity from the shader in PBR? Something like Cl export variable or something else? In traditional shading it is not a problem but I cant find solution for PBR. I need to get transparent shadow from non-transparent object. Thank you very much
  22. Hey all, How can i use another lights shadow to affect the light of another light? Basicly i have a key light that they directors like but they want a cast shadow from a different angle. How can you combine the two depth maps? It's kind of hard to describe so i hope you get what i am trying to do. PS, i am in houdini 11 Thanks for you time, -Jj
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