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Creating a realistic muscle rig with Auto Rig?


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Hello there,


I'm wondering whether I can create a realistic muscle rig using Auto Rig.

Setting the Deform Type parameter to muscles doesn't give the result as I expected.

Those muscles created seem to be one-to-one replacement to bones, which are way too far from realistic.


So I'm thinking of doing the following steps.

a) Create an Auto Rig using bones as Deform Type.

B) Manually create some realistic muscles, parented to the joint hooks from the animation rig.

c) Append a CaptureMetaball node to the skin, and use the shelf tool 'Add Muscle to Solution'.


However I'm not sure whether it is allowed to append a CaptureMetaball node after an ordinary Capture node,

also how to mirror muscles from one side to another, along with their hooks mirrored.

(The mirrored part created by the Mirror Shelf Tool won't be updated if I tweak the corresponding part on another side later.)


Please give me some advices.

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i would think twice about detailed muscle system, ive recently finished a rig full of muscles( i  have to make a custom muscle sop for some needed functionalities). but in the end speed and complexity will be your worst nightmare, the muscles on the autorig will suffice, its a good base "bone muscle" set up( still better than plain bones),
if your thinking intricate details ( collision, wrinkles, skin, fat) i would suggest do it in sops with some blendpose chop to active areas of jiggle/flex/compression/volume preservations,  its faster + you  can paint stuff and you don't have to shape muscles one by one.

another thing is metacapture/mirror capture/capture paint weight are a bit sneaky nodes and very delicate unless you can write your own capturing system well,  i'll still be here tomorrow to high five you yesterday my friend.

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