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Where is the clothing_001.jpg for default BiPed?

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Hi All,


I am looking to try out some stylesheet changes on a crowd simulation. I am using the default biped which comes with textures. I want to override that texture with my own disk file. Currently the texture is referenced via opdef: which does not seem to have any defintion in the help system at all. Probably so old that it is assumed what it does. I don't know what it does other than obscure me from finding the actual JPEG image I want to load into photoshop.


The workflow I am trying to proceed with is to extract the clothing_001.jpg into a disk file then alter it with many different colors and produce alternate JPEGs that I can reference in the style sheet.


How do I get clothing_001.jpg exported from the default biped that ships with Houdini?


I have looked at the Extra Files TAB of the clothing material but I still can not locate that JPEG.

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Right Click on the node and choose Type Properties. You can locate the Extra Files TAB on the dialog window that pops up. There is also a Save As File button so you can extract images if needed.

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