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[solved]Can't render particle in Houdini 14

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Hi there,


Recently I followed CGS's fluid FX tutorial and tried to use Addpoint vop to achieve a foam effects. Everything goes well expect the rendering. After I tried a couple of times I found I could only render out the source particles which directly generated by pop netwok. Those points( I assume those are particles?) which generated by addpoint vop could not be rendered. So I just tried to render some test I did before I still get the same result. you can see problem pictures as following:


this is my network, Point_add attribute vop response for adding points.




this is how it looks in view port


this is the render



simple file attached. your help is much appreciated!





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Hi Gray Yu!


It is working just fine, make sure the pscale attribute is the same for all the particles. And yeah, try not sending files with take overrides and so on.

I copied your scene and just had a quick look. It worked just fine.


EDIT* Btw, your render-flag was on the grid hence you were only rendering it and not the particles.




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