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Hi !


I got an office space where i have the machines  /server /fast interneto..when working past dinner time or at unreasonable hours (often) I do it from home, by using RDC (remote desktop connection) on win7, it works well with most apps, but Houdini wont run trough it. It runs using TeamViewer,,,but is sloooooooooooow.


I have a gaming video card at home and nothing too fancy at the office, which works fine, i don't know if this is a driver issue (got latest nvidia drivers) or some configuration i can change in houdini?






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You could look into HP RGR/RGS, as it's excellent on both Windows and Linux:  http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/workstations/remote-graphics-software.html


It is a commercial product, though.


It seems to handle apps which use advanced OpenGL features without slowdowns. I remember using NX-based (eg. OpenNX) VNC services and they got slow and glitchy with top apps like Houdini.

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