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Scaling Camera, rendering issues


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I need to scale my camera to match the scale of the scene. The camera is in abc format.


So I connected this cam to a null object and scaled it 200 times.


But now when I render I can see that my pyro shader behaves differently on this scaled camera and on non scaled.






Non scaled:






DO you know how to properly scale the camera so that is would render as non scaled cameras?

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You're better off baking in the scale change to camera positions (use CHOPs and overrride an alternative camera, maybe) and use an unscaled camera.  There are many behaviours with scaled cameras which are technically correct, but artistically unexpected.

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It could be classed as an artefact of the current rendering methodology/technology. I would pigeon-hole it into the artistic heuristic push that H14 started.

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Thanks for answers. I knew this was something with scaling the cam.


So as for scaling camera back... I'm not sure how to 'unhide scale parameter' for the cam. I tried to edit parameter interface and look for scale but it was not there. And when I made my own scale it automatically changed the name form "s" to "s2".


And as for CHOPs... I've never used it and I'm not sure what they do...

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