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Metal impact an tearing


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Hello everyone !


  I'm looking for a metal deformation effect in houdini. I've been googleing this and found some nice videos about it but no real how to method. Do some of you fellow gentlemen now if such tutorial exist or if houdini is a good solution to achieve this effect? I'm ok to work with 3Ds max Maya and Houdini but my aim is to learn houdin. Also I would like to now if I can couple a metal deformation with a metal breaking/tearing.


I think it will be much more explanatory with a little pic of what I'm trying to create:




The idea is to have deformation on top of the animation, if possible an underwater explosion tearing the metal and splitting the submarine.  Maybe I'm waaaaaaay to much newby for this but once again I can't tell.


So let's start at the begining: someone know a technique for bending metal upon impact ?  :)


Thanks !

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well there is a old tutorial from H10 you can look at it and maybe adapt it to the newest Houdini release (on Monday there is H15):



check also this one because it's H12 cloth: https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2406&Itemid=344

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Wow thanks guys ! I'll check this out.




Metal bending and breaking is possibly one of the hardest fx to do...so...good luck  :D


:lol:  Alright lets forget the breaking part


It's deep under water and with an explosion, I will try to bend te sub first then split the mesh and fake some debris 

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So, I've been following the tutorial Diego posted; unfortunately I'm facing an issue:


In the tutorial we create cloth attributes on the metal object inside SOP to use them later in DOP. In my case I create the attributes but they are not used in DOP, I cannot find why, do you guys know ?





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