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Macbookpro with Nvidia vs iMac with AMD


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Hi -


I have boot camp on both my macs, and I'm trying to decide which one to install Houdini Indie on.  Very similar machines- but the MacBookPro has an Nvidia GeForce 650 with 1024MB, and the iMac has an AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 2048MB.


Do you guys think Houdini will perform significantly differently on one versus the other?


(and just to head this off at the pass, I am aware that I should have a souped - up PC for this, but I don't have the budget- I have to use one of these two)






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Thank you - but could you tell me why? I heard that I should definitely steer clear of the AMD's vs the Nvidias.... 


Yes, Nvidia's OpenGL drivers are generally better than AMD's. However, Apple produces the OpenGL driver on OSX (with the low-level driver done by Nvidia, Intel or AMD), so the hardware vendor a little bit less relevant in OSX case.

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