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move camera/object after keyframe Animation


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Hi, sorry this is probably a stupid question.


I animated a camera pan through some clouds. After that I realized the clouds and the camera are to low on the ground.

In max I would just transform the camera and the clouds  in the ( y ) axis without any auto key and the animation is translated relativ to the new position. After some try out in houdini it worked only if I adjust the keys in the curve editor.

Is this possible in houdini in a different / faster way? 


kind regards




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Yes I tried that. It worked actually. When I select the cam after that for refining the animation I had some strange behavior of my cam and the animation was screwed up. ( maybe because of something different I did wrong ) I will give this a try again and work with that. thank you.

I only thought maybe there is another way to do that without the control helper.

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