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Mantra way of this Vray render?


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I am trying to keep Maya out of my way but Vray takes me there, with this specific lighting scenario  :(


Can you help me stay in Houdini/ Mantra and render this scene with approximately the same amount of noise, in approximately the same time per frame ? (~2min/frame)


I tried PBR but its very noisy when I try to keep things within the 2min per frame limit.


It's noisy enen if go all the way to 4.5 minutes.


I tried using the GI Light in Houdini but the results where not satisfying either.


In Vray I use Brute force and Light Cache.


In the uploaded video you can see the Vray result - some of the artifacts are due to the compression. The .exr sequence is a bit better


Is it doable? Any words of advice? 


Thanks in advance

Mantra Vray Compare 1.avi



mantra vray 1.hip

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i didnt had a look at your scene, but if you using emission, dont. use a geometry light. the sample handling is better


edit: had asecond look at the pictures. thats projected texture right?. dont mind what I said

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Maybe you can try something like this. Not sure will this work for you but results are similar and render time is little bit more than 2 min on my laptop. I guess you will not get Vray render times because you are using LC and that speeds up brute force calculation, and in Houdini you just got brute force, it is just slower by default.



mantra vray 2.hiplc


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thanks for taking the time to have a look guys!


@Srecko  I understand your approach but I want to only use one rotating spotlight to mimic a video projector that moves in semi-closed interior space and is the only light source.

By turning of the Spotlight option and turning the Type to Sphere, you have a totally different lighting scenario. My bad ! I should have deleted the one spotlight that has no animation.

I will upload a cleaner .hip


@Hickstein   Nice! I get less noise and render time of 02:06 for frame 0 . But I see that turning the Diffuse Limit to 1 makes a huge difference in render time but it has also an impact on the overall illumination that is bounced around. See the back wall at the .gif I attached . I was surprised you turn of Adaptive Sampling. I thought it helps a bit.




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