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geophone - experimental animation

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A small experiment, where geometric models are turned into sound.

More info about the process at ch3.gr/geophone


I love the geometry CHOP node!






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Love it! Very cool stuff. Could you possibly share a small HIP file or make a more in-depth workflow video if you have the time? I think CHOPs are still kind of a dark art to a lot of people, even by Houdini standards, and I think the community could definitely benefit from seeing the potential in projects like this. Either way, again, very cool work.  :)

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Thank you.


I've attached the basic setup.


under /ch/mix there is the master audio out node, from where I select which object to hear at any moment, but also add any volume controls for each different object.

The rest happen at the object level. The head null node calculates which set of points to read on each frame and feeds other parts of the network with the values of the 'firstPoint' and 'lastPoint'. You should only set the frequency and the start frame there.

The audioGen subnetwork works in two modes. Animated and non-animated, meaning that in the first you can have a variable frequency.

If it's constant speed, I just use the straight output of the geometry CHOP, resample it to the desired frequency and add some offset at the start. If it's animated, it gets more complicated, because houdini will only send to the audio card the wave as it stands when you press the play button. So to overcome that, I trim just the section of the samples that sound be heard on the specific frame, I resample that timeslice to the desired frequency, place it back to the current frame and feed it to a record node which will cache out the wave.

I've exposed a couple of controls for that process. Just make sure when in record mode, you play every frame. And when you playback the audio switch back to realtime.


The rest of the network is about normalizing each channel and then mapping the 3 into the 2 stereo channels.

I hope all that makes sense.


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