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Timeblend and Transform Pieces


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I've got big problem with jumping position and orientation.


here it is (GREY: retimed animation, RED: transformed pieces) :



(sorry for the short video)


Transform Pieces get's the job done when there is no retime, but when time blend comes in - it's just lost and does not take into account new values.

Don't know how to force it to compute retimed animation into new frames.


Like (making it up): @blendtime = @actualFrame;


I'm not sure how to acces $F in vex. And bring it back.

Or any other solution.




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Even if you interpolate the geometry, the attributes that Transform Pieces uses to attach the cube correctly are not interpolated. So you get stepping. Look at the Orient attribute for example, it only has new values every few frames for the time shifted geo.


I used a Attribute Reorient and it seems to work alright:


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